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PHP Json data parsing

Json is a text-based format like xml . JSON is easy to read and easy to understand for humans and computers but Json occupy less bandwith compare to xml . JSON is the most popular and lightweight data-interchange format for website applications. Below is json object JSON data structures are very similar to PHP arrays.…

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Dropdown list in php

To display drowdown list in php we can use for-each loop . We have some data in our array so we cant display it using php array logic Output of code : Select one subjectHistoryGeographyMathsSanskritMarathiEnglish Submit strtolower    function is used to convert string to lower case . Array is a specail variable used to…

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How to use Loops in PHP

There are three types of loop in php : While loop , do while loop , for & for-each loop While Loop :- loops through a block of code unitl the specified condition become true

Now below is first example of while loop Output of code would be this : 4812162024283236404448525660 Now i will teach…

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