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Search Filter in PHP MYSQL

CRUD Operation with Search Filter Feature

I will show you a full code of CRUD operation with a search filter option. I have used Core PHP for backend and Javascript, CSS and Html for Front-end. I didn’t have used ajax call for sending and receiving requests.

First see the database of this project

id , city and country only 3 coloumns . Now connection code


Project Screen Short –

I have divided code into 10 pages Header , footer and source code .

Now I will start from the add.php page it has designing and coding part as well.

I have called the connection of database using require() function of PHP. You can use either include() or include_once() or require() according to your requirements.I am using CDN link to enable Bootstrap functionalities into your code.

Now we will see an index.php page which is your the main page and you have seen this page in the first screen short.


Now we will see header.php , footer.php , edit.php and delete.php .


The header page has all cdn links of Boostrap and Jquery.


Now we will see update and delete page .


Now will see delete.php page


Now lets see search filter option.


Finally will see style.css .


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