Google Adsense approval in first attempt

Google Adsesne Approval in first attempt

Google Adsesne is the best online earning source and a best ad network among the all ad networks like Chitika and Infolinks . I will suggest ,you  always  use  google adsesne ad network , Adsesne gives good quality ads and money too. Its very hard to get google adsesne approval for your website, I know many people whose website rejected by adsense for silly & some small mistakes so please dont get disappointed and try to make your website error free . I will tell you some TIPS which will help you to get google adsesne approval in first attempt & quickly .

As you see that my website looks good but may be content is not enough good but still I got approval from adsense bcoz i follow all rules of adsesne . Rule is rule dont try to break it .

How To get Adesense Approval
Adsesne Approval


Just remember these point before applying for adsesne approval

1- Google Loves Good Quality Contents :

As we know that “CONTENT is KING ” so always try to post good quality content at least 500 + words for each POST . What is meaning of GREAT CONTENTS it means your content should be unique , decorated , stated and clear content. Please don not copy content from other blog and paste to on your blog or website .Adsense checks for 100% unique and spam free content so always try to write your own article . There shouldnt be any empty post or page  and these post must have minimum 500 words .

2- No of Posts and Sufficient Contents :

I have heared that people say your blog must have minimum 15-20 POSTS, so befor applying google adsesne make sure that you have minimum 15 POSTS on your blog site .Google adsesne consider that you must have enough contents on every page of your website . So add contents in all pages.There should not be any empty page on your blog . The post length should be more than 500-550 words and dont repeat POST line again and again .

3- Does Website Age or Domain Age Matter ??

Yes if you are from south ASIA or ASIA then it does matter for us,In many countries like China , India and Pakistan your domain’s minimum age should be 6 months . Here what google says read “In some place,including China,India and Pakistan ,we require publishers website’s minimum age is 6 months”. But i have seen many bloggers who have got adsense approval within a month or within 20 days bcoz of their extra-ordinary work so i will suggest you to wait for 6 months and do work hard make your website great. You can also get adsense approval within 30 days but for this you will have to work hard .

4- Google hates Copied or Copyright Content :

If you are a great in copy paste then please dont apply for google adsense bcoz  google adsense will immediately reject your REQUEST for ADSESENSE APPROVAL so always write fresh and 100 % unique content .You can read many blog and website articles & can write them on your website but only in your own wordings not copy paste . 

5 – Make your Own Image & Dont not use copyright Image :

If you are using any image in your blog then remember one thing “Dont not use COPYRIGHT IMAGE” .Try to make your own or use permmisable images on your blog or which image is not copyright image . If google adsense found  any copyright image in your blog ,it will reject your ADSENSE APPROVAL on the spot .

I have used two images inside this image but now this is not copyright image for me so you can also do this , make your own image .

6- Good Theme and Structure :

Make sure that you have a good  looking Header , Menu , Sidebar and Article area . The color of theme or website should be light, dont use dark color in your header, footer or content area .

7- Website not blocked by Google :

Check if your website is blocked by google “” .If it doesnt show any result it means your site is blocked by google.If you find out result it means you site is not blocked by google.

8- Prohibited Content :

Make sure that you dont have any prohibited content on your website like “Adult content , Hacking technique , Bomb making technique , Accidents related images , Drugs related contents , Violent contents or weapons related contents” otherwise your GOOGLE ADSENSE REQUEST will not not approved .

9- Google dont count Visiters or Traffic  :


To get adsesne approval ,you dont need visiters count bcoz google adsesne dont care about your visiters or traffic , they only want good quality of content but for earning money you must have a great number of visiters.




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