Moral Stories for Kids (The Donkey's shadow,The stag's antlers )

Moral Stories for Kids

 The Donkey’s shadow

Once a merchant was going to the market .He wanted to sell his goods in the market.He hired one donkey from a man .

The donkey and his owner accompanied the merchant.It was a hot summer day .So they decided to take rest.The merchant said,”Let us stop and rest for a while.”And he settled down in donkey’s shadow.

The owner of the donkey got very angry .He said ,”You cannot sit there .I am the owner of the donkey. It is my right to rest in donkey’s shadow.” The merchant said,”I have paid you for the donkey for the whole day.”The owner replied,”You have paid only for the donkey , not for his shadow .

When they were quarreling, the donkey thought of plan.He escaped from there search of shadow.The fighting men didn’t realize that the donkey and the shadow they fighting for had left them .

Moral : Fight over trivia leads to a bigger loss

The Thirsty crow

One a hot summer day a crow was flying in search of water .He was very thirsty .He flew all over the land in search of water.Because of drought all the ponds , lakes,rivers,streams  were dried up.

He crossed into a nearby village .He found one earthen pot lying near the hut.The crow flew down.The pot had some water,But it was at the bottom of the pot.The crow’s beak was too short to reach to the water .So he became sad.But he didn’t give up the hopes .He had an idea He found some stones near the pot.He picked up the stones in his beak and dropped in the pot one by one. Soon the water level came up.The crow drank water to his full and away.

Moral:Determination achieves all .

The Thankful Ant

Once , an ant fell into a pond.She was drowning .A dove saw that.He plucked a leaf from the tree branch and threw it in the water ,The ant got onto the leaf .She reached to the pond side and climbed out of the leaf .

After some days ,one afternoon, a hunter came in the jungle .The dove was sitting on the tree branch The hunter aimed his gun at the dove .The ant saw he hunter aiming the dove.She realized that dove’s life was in danger .She quickly climbed up to the hunter’s leg and bit hard .The hunter missed his aim.The sound of gun alerted the dove.he flew off.Thus, by helping the dove , the and had expressed his thankfulness.

Moral:One good deed deserves  another .

The stag’s antlers

Once a stag was very thirsty .He went to the river to quench his thirst.While drinking water he locked at his reflection.He became very proud of his antlers .Then he saw his feet . He said “Such a ugly legs i have .They are always dirty and black.”

While admiring his antlers, he could not notice that the hunters has spotted him .The bark of the hounds alerted the stag.He ran off as fast as he could .He found one spot to hide himself.He went into the bushes and the trees.But the hunters and the hounds found the stag .The hound sniffed the stag.The stag wanted to run off again, but his antlers got stuck on the low branches of a tree .The hunters shot him dead.His beautiful antlers had made the stag to lose his lose his life but his legs had tried to save his life .

Moral: Not only the looks but the potentials and the utility are important


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