Moral Stories: The Woodcutter and The salt-seller's donkey
The woodcutter

Moral Stories

1- The Woodcutter’s Axe

Wood cutter

There was a wood cutter .He cut wood to earn his bread and butter.Once he was cutting a branch of tree .The tree was on the bank of a swift flowing river .Suddenly his axe slipped and fell into the  river water. He had only one axe to work with , so he jumped in the river to get it back .But he could not fined it .

The wood cutter became sad and started to cry loudly and sat by the riverside.The messenger of gods, came there by hearing his voice. He asked woodcutter ,”Why are you crying?”Then he replied,”God , my axe fell in the water.Now how will i survive ?” God went into the river and came out with a silver axe .He said to the man ,”Take your axe.”The woodcutter said,”No God’.This is not my axe. I cant take it .” Once again god dived into the river water.This time God came up with a golden axe. But the woodcutter refused to take the axe. The third time God came up with the iron axe. The woodcutter leaped with a joy to see his axe.”Thank you God I can earn for my living “.God became very happy because of the honesty f the woodcutter.So he gifted both the exes.

Moral:Honesty is the best Policy

2 – The Salt-Seller’s Mad Donkey 

The Donkey

This is only depiction not a true story so keep enjoying by reading this story.

A salt-seller had one donkey.The Donkey used to carry the salt snacks.The salt-seller would sell the salt in the market .

One day the salt-seller and the donkey were crossing the river .All of sudden the donkey slipped and fell in the river.Soon the salt dissolved in the water.The donkey’s burden lightened .The salt-seller had to go back to his village as the salt was wasted .

Next morning the salt-seller and the donkey were crossing the river.The donkey deliberately slipped and fell in the water .The salt-seller realized the donkey’s trick . He didn’t do anything and went back to his home .The donkey felt glad that its plan had worked .

The next day ,too the donkey slipped and fell in the water ,But this time the salt-seller loaded sacks of bales of cotton .The bales of cotton in the sacks did not dissolves the salt did . Instead the bales soaked the water and the sacks grew heavier.The weight pulled down the donkey into the water.the salt-seller observed that with a smiling face. The salt-seller helped the donkey to come out of the water  .The Donkey understood the salt-seller’s trick .It never tried ti do that again.

Moral : Overconfidence leads to destruction

3 – The Cock and Jewel

There was a cock.He was looking for a food. He was very hungry he was scratching the ground with his claws.While doing so , he found a shining jewel under a stone.”Cock-a doodle-do!” cried the cock and said , ”IT LOOKS VERY FINE AND IT MAY BE VALUABLE TO SOME PEOPLE.” So he tried to break the gem with his beak.He tried and tried .But he failed to open the gem.So he thought in his mind,”But i would rather have a found a nice grain of corn.”

Moral : Gems cant soothe hunger

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